Reprinting Classic Theological Books

The Lord has put it on my heart to reprint classic theological works and get them back into circulation. There are many wonderful books which are very rare, expensive, and unknown which ought to be made known and easily available again to the general public.

I am in the process now of formatting and printing books and writings from various authors such as Gordon C. Olson, L. D. McCabe, Albert Barnes, Charles Finney, Moses Stuart, Nathan Beman, Jonathon Edwards Jr, and others.

The topics of these books will include doctrines such as moral government, free will, atonement, salvation, open theism, holiness, repentance, regeneration, moral depravity,  the existence of God, the Trinity, etc.

As these various books are reformatted and printed, I’ll make them available through this site and announce it on our emailing list.

Jesse Morrell

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